“Work, and Smile”
Decent work 
for everyone.

Creating a future that everybody in the world can “Work, and Smile”.

PERSOL Global Workforce creates the system/environment that foreign talents can optimize their abilities. This is done by supporting working talents of all nationalities and cultural background as well as contributing growth of the organizations.

We help realization of “Work, and Smile” for more and more foreign talents which leads to solve the human resources and corporate strategic issues for many organizations.


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Japanese labor market is currently experiencing the shortage in human resource due to decreasing birthrate and aging population
Therefore, foreign talents with their abilities are needed in Japan in order to sustain competitiveness internationally and achieve further growth. Although, there is a shortage in human resource in global wide so that hiring is becoming more difficult day by day. Also, there are many obstacles and social issues for organizations and foreign talents in terms of hiring and retention.

PERSOL Global Workforce provide one stop service regarding foreign talents by utilizing know-how in comprehensive human resource service and the global connections of PERSOL group has. We would like to provide “WORK” environment and opportunity matching with ability and wish that each one of talents have regardless of nationality and cultural background. And in the end, we are hoping that those talents become happy which lead to the growth of the organizations. We shall make a big force to support JAPAN by creating the ecosystem that everyone shall feel motivated working.

We realize the society that foreign talents can “Work, and Smile” in Japan. This is the MISSION for us as PERSOL Global Workforce.

PERSOL Global Workforce CO., LTD.

CEO Morihiro Tada


We realize the system that is more globally competitive in consistent manner to help Japanese organizations to grow one step beyond and foreign talents can “Work, and Smile”.

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Please feel free to inquire anything regarding foreign talents.